Wine from the cellar to your table


Full Tuscan Meal (4 Courses) with Wine Tasting

A visit to our cellar and our vineyards with Gianni and a meal prepared according to the oldest cooking methods pairing our natural wine served in your Villa. The cellar, digged in the typical yellow "tufo" soil, is under the medioeval Tower.


SantaTre 2017 (white wine)

SantaSubito 2015 (red wine)

Santa10 2013 (red wine)

SpiritoSanta 2011 (our brandy)

  • WELCOME DINNER with a first bottle of Santa10 wine (Santa Subito 2015)

This is a simple meal consisting of pasta or soup or “torta salata” according to the season and a taste of some typical local products: local cheeses or greens in "pinzimonio", typical Tuscan Bruschette or fresh green salads with our olive oil. A ready simple meal just after a long and tiring trip. We leave the meal in your kitchen with a bottle of our red wine to introduce you in our taste (no service is included).

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Cooking class

Orsa Pellion di Persano was born into an aristocratic family in Turin where hot Chocolate was a rite de passage, “Agnolotti” a Christmas celebration and the “Bagna cauda”, a traditional poor dish with garlic and anchovies, a strict taboo. When she was twenty, she moved to Tuscany where she learned to substitute olive oil for butter, to rub garlic on bread, but above all to look beyond “just food” - to find its relationship to culture, history and art.

She graduated in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Siena then she moved in England, to follow a Masters course in Anthropology of Health and Food.

The food theme, which up to then had been strictly part of her studies, quickly became her method of economic “survival”. To stretch her scholarship funds, an Italian friend invited her to cook classic Italian meals at homes and banquets for London society. One evening they were asked to prepare a birthday dinner for the singer of Pink Floyd - five stuffed guinea-fowl left the guests speechless!

In the 2005 Orsa decided to put her knowledge of food and nutrition into practice organizing cooking courses for tourists and foreigners. More than simple cooking lessons, they are a real cultural experience.

Cooking class

Banqueting Home Restaurant

Food tour (Siena market)

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Maze of alleyways, hidden courtyards, the white - gray marble, red brick ... look creeping between trefoils, portals and hidden courtyards ... Siena has been called the city of the details. It hides and reveals to the attention if you are able to go to a different plane of observation.

Paola&Vittorio want to propose is the city view from one of those places that you can only imagine. Siena view from one of the oldest houses in the town center where, on the roof of his palace, Tiberius Bichi Borghesi, gentleman of the past with a passion for photography, wanted to build 'with large expenditures' his personal atelier where to apply and refine the his art.

We propose buffet meals (lunch or dinner) or local wines tasting, or an aperitif arranged in an astonishing roof room with amazing view of Siena, or open air, in the terrace, if the weather is nice.

The room will be set up like a typical charming Italian homes to accommodate special guests. Embroidered tablecloths and antique fabrics, or linen, depending on the occasion, porcelains or refined earthenware, family silverware will embellish the buffet table. Wines and aperitifs will be served in crystal glasses and Murano glasses. On the tables floral arrangements for the season.

  • Tuscan Aperitivo (min. 6- max 12 p.)
  • Full meal-buffet (min. 4-max 10 p.)


Gianni has a Dehler 44ft sailing boat which is moored at Punta Ala on the Tuscan coast in front of Elba island – it has 3 cabins, 2 bathrooms and dinette with kitchen and sofas. Gianni is an expert skipper and a sea lover as his son Tommaso.

You can charter the boat with Gianni and/or Tommaso as chef-skippers, cooking for you a sailor’s lunch served with a glass of our white wine.

You can charter the boat for 1 day or more. There are 6 sleeping beds.

Yoga and Shiatsu

Julia Sennati has many years of experience. She has a Master of yoga at the school Jati Yoga with Valeria Magrini and Leila Costa and a Master Shiatsu Zen, got to the Zen school at the Buddhist Monastery Zen Enso-Ji, with Zendo Tetsugen Serra and Rosa Myoen Raja. Julia every year goes in Rischikesc (Himalayas, India) to update her yogic work. She has repeated experiences of updating with one of the most qualified italian yoga teacher, Gabriella Cella. Meeting Lucia Carli, biologist, the yoga of Julia. They work, through yoga and meditation, on the deep physicality of the body, trying to raise the flip of particle wave in the molecule, made for 80% of water. So doing you get results , over time, on reactivation of the mood, affecting the immune system, on the state of health.


The technique looks beyond specific pressure points, incorporating other methods such as stretching, breathing and rotating for a more whole-body approach to restoring energy balance. You can have a Shiatsu Zen massage in the rental villa with a professional Shiatsu therapist for 1 hour in the morning before breakfast or 2 hours later.

  • YOGA

From Monday to Friday in the morning (1 hour per day) you can have your personal professional Yoga teacher in the Rental Villa.