Tower and ancient Lemon house

Santa10 is a hamlet composed by an observation tower, an 1800s villa, a homestead and a farm consisting of about 8 hectares. It’s so near Siena that by looking at the horizon, it feels possible to touch the city skyline. The observation tower, dated 1000 A.C. oversees the renowned “via Francigena”, one of the most ancient access roads to the city which pilgrim would use to go from France to Rome.

We decided to renovate “our place” and finished it up in 2014. We’ve been living here since 1996 and my family has owned the estate since the beginning of 1990s. We only used colors in harmony with the environment, natural mortars for flooring, roofs of aerated concrete, and cork to insulate walls. As for furnishing, we tried to create a cozy space, which is comfortable, convenient, and at the same time aesthetically pleasant. That’s because we love enjoying life and admiring beauty! We have filled up the walls with our history and our travels, that is Tommaso’s pictures, Gianni’s painting as well as images representing what Santa10 is, its soul.

Our guests have plenty of choice in terms of accommodation. There is the observing tower, the villa and the limonaia. We also offer additional facilities, like a swimming pool with a stunning view of Siena skyline and a hot stone tub.

We are 4 people. There is Gianni, a charted accountant, sailor and farmer jealous of his tractor, quiet and meditative. Then there is his wife, Elisa, a talkative mathematician who is always into something. Last, there are their two children: Tommaso, 1997 born, who is curious, lazy, funny and a bit ‘artist” and Teresa, the second one born in 2001, who is lively, stinging, curious and scheduled. Our greatest passions are sailing and travelling.

Elisa, Gianni, Teresa e Tommaso

Sleeping at Santa10

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Elenco servizi disponibili

For our guests

  • Linen and towels, change once a week (weekly supplement)

  • Air conditioning in The Lemon house and in the room on the top of The Tower (for free)

  • Wi-fi in The Tower and in The Lemon house (for free)

  • Dinners and cooking classes by appointment, prices to be agreed

  • Heating (for free)

  • Hot stone tub for the guests of The Tower, weekly supplement from October to March included

  • Visit to the winery and vineyards of the farm, by appointment

  • Washing machine and Dryer machine in The Tower and in The Lemon house (for free)

  • Hair dryer in each bathroom (for free)

  • Shatzu massage and yoga classes by appointment, prices to be agreed

  • Cleaning once a week by appontment., price to be agreed

  • Open-air parking (for free)