Organic Farm

Santa10 is an 8.5 hectares hamlet and family-run farm, located just a few miles southeast of Siena city-center.

Santa10 is an 8.5 hectares hamlet and family-run farm, located just a few miles southeast of Siena city-center. At the core of our estate, there is the main construction: a medieval observation tower and its 1800s adjoining homestead with ancient underground cellar. Our plantations (320 m above sea level) comprise of 100% organically grown vineyards and olive trees. The vineyards, which account for 1.5 hectares, were replanted in 2000s and gave their first yield in 2007. The most prevalent grapes varieties are red, namely sangiovese, canaiolo, ciliegiolo and colorino. Trebbiano, petit verdot and cabernet franc are grown as well. The olive grove comprises of more than 400 plants. There are also other olive trees from previous plantations. The soil is made of tuff, marine origin sand and clay.

The History

Gianni started taking care of the farm in 1994, continuing his mum and grandfather practice of producing wine and oil as well as growing various other crops.

In early 2000s he decided to fix the old tractor, a Fiat 605, in order to replant the 50 years old vineyards. He chose to plant local varieties (i.e. sangiovese, canaiolo, ciliegiolo, colorino e trebbiano) as well as new ones, namely petit verdot. In addition, he decided to create a single area dedicated to growing olives. He also planted 50 fruit trees to restart old productions. Last, he restored the ancient cellars as well as the observation tower underground areas.

Because of this intervention, the terrific qualities of Siena “yellow soil” and a continuous effort in refining the wine processing methods, in 2007 Santa10 got its first red wine harvest.

Today Santa10 produces about 8000 bottles a year, which Gianni, his wife Elisa and their children, Tommaso and Teresa, promote all over the world.

Mission and techniques

“To adopt the pace of nature (vegetation, fauna, water, climate, soil etc.) so as to allow future generations to work the same land as if we were one. To achieve a sustainable development by respecting the availability of natural resources first and only then satisfying people’s needs.” (Gianni)

Also thank's to Enzo Tiezzi, a renowned environmentalist and his father-in-law, today Santa10 is a 100% organic farm having an “ICEA” certification, recognition awarded only to those who have an organic production and use a set of methods, systems and practices clearly orientated to corporate social responsibility towards employees, the environment, local communities etc. In addition we are part of “Vinnatur”, an association of winemakers who aim at preserving the integrity of their areas as well as its history, culture and art.

We do not use chemicals, pesticides or artificial fertilizers in our vineyards. Soil management comprises of grooving and row extirpation in harmony with nature. In our cellars, most of the activities are carried out manually. We do not add any yeast, we do not use temperature control/wine filtration systems for fermentation and we do not use electrical pumps for bottling.

During vinification, grapes are put into stainless steel tanks placed in our underground cellars. Aging lasts for 24-36 moths, out of which 12-24 in 5/10hl oak barrels and at least 12 months in bottles in an underground warehouse, at natural temperature.

The typical aroma of Tuscan wines characterizes our wines too. They are inherently complex but also suited for an everyday meal. They are intrinsically captivating by nature.